Auritz - Burguete

Auritz-Burguete is located in the Navaresse Pyrennes, very close to Orreaga-Roncesvalles and the forest Selva de Irati, 45 away from Pamplona.It is surrounded by meadows and forests. 

This beautiful site is part of the Route of Camino de Santiago and, its historical centre (with its typical Pyrenean houses with hipped roofs) is declared a Site of Cultural Interest. The village was rebuilt after being burned by the French in 1794. 

Ernest Hemingway stayed in the village and its surroundings several times. The traditional bonfires of San Juan are well-known, as well as the famous fair of agriculture and food, which takes place in September. 

Camino de Santiago and more...

To the North of the Pyrenees, the three main European routes of the Camino de Santiago (Turonensis, Lemovicensis and Podiensis) join in the close French village of Ostabat, and they continue towards Luzaide/Valcarlos, a beautiful border village. 

The Route arrives at the Pass of Roncesvalles (Puerto de Ibañeta in Spanish), where there is the new hermitage of San Salvador and the monument to Roldan. This monolith commemorates the battle of Roncesvaux Pass, where Charlemagne's troops were defeated by the Baques in 778.

The descent of the Pass of Roncesvalles leads to the Collegiate church of Orreaga-Roncesvalles. Following the Route, we arrive at our village,Auritz/Burguete. And if we continue towards Pamplona, we will explore Aurizberri/Espinal and other villages in which we can see the impressive "caserones" (typical houses) and several bridges, such as the one of Zubiri, the capital of the Valley of Esteríbar.

To the East of Orreaga, there is the Valley of Aézkoa, with 15 hórreos (raised granaries), and the magnificent forest of Selva de Irati, the second largest and best-preserved beech forest in Europe. There are many paths and a route which goes around the reservoir of Irabia. And to the west, we find the Valley of Sorogain, with green meadows, beech forests and megaliths. If we continue towards the west, we arrive at "Quinto Real", a beech forest, bordering with the Pyrenean Valleys of Baztan, Erro, Esteríbar and Alduides.

Places to visit

Discover the charm of our village and its surroundings.

Colegiata de Roncesvalles

(Collegiate church)

| 2 km away |

Orreaga-Roncesvalles is the entrance to the Camino de Santiago from France, with the legends of Charlemagne and Roldan. For centuries, this Collegiate church was home to the pilgrims. And today, it is still a first class tourist resort of the way of St. Jacques. It is a bucolic natural site. 

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Selva de Irati

| 15 km away |

This forest is the second largest and best-preserved beech forest in Europe, after the Black Forest (in Germany). It has almost 17,000 unspoilt hectares, with a great ecological value and close to the Pyrenean Valleys of Aezkoa and Salazar.

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Fábrica de armas de Orbaitzeta

(Arms Factory)

| 21 km away |

The Royal Arms and Munition Factory of Orbaizeta was founded in order to supply arms and munition to the army. Nowadays, its ruins are a good sample of the industrial archaeology of the 18th century, being declared a Site of Cultural Interest. 

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